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What her clients say

In January of 2011, I surveyed a group of my clients. The results of the survey are to be found in a a blog post on this site.  The quotes below are taken from the open question of the survey.

‘Thanks Elizabeth – I have gained so much from my homeopathic treatment – it has helped me very very much and I look forward to continued progress with you in the future.’


‘Even though your treatment did not cure my condition (it required an operation to finally solve the problem) I did notice significant improvement in all the related symptoms. Therefore I would recommend your treatments’


‘You were the best homeopath I’d found, and I’ve been going since I was a child. You have a very warm aura…keep doing what you’re doing!’


‘I’m pretty happy with everything so far. Treatment is working, I always feel better after being able to talk everything off my chest. Thumbs up!’


‘I was very satisified with all you did for me. I never expected to return to this level of health. Thank you. You made me think outside the box which I was doing.’


‘Your service goes way beyond anything I expected, You are always there to help and the help always works. I am amazed at what the remedies can achieve. Results are brilliant as there is a huge boost in health for me and my kids’


‘All is well with me, thanks to your treatment. I’m feeling braver every day – its amazing and I have a huge excitement for life!’

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