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Safe, Effective and Nontoxic

Homeopathy is the treatment of choice for more than one third of Europeans. As a holistic process of cure, homeopathy recognizes that while two people may suffer the same illness their individual expression of that illness may differ. Its a treatment that focuses on the person. The symptoms of the illness are the individuals’ expression of the illness or the bodies way of coping with stresses.

There is huge amount of information in that first few sentences so lets break it down to what it all means.

Holistic: The body, the mind and the emotional aspects of an individual are one. The homeopath will consider all the symptoms and treat the totality. The remedy will be chosen because it matches the symptoms that appear throughout the person.

The stomach pain can not be considered in isolation from the emotional state. The depression cannot be considered in isolation from the physical state. Perhaps that girl with the constant nausea and vomiting suffered a terrible disappointment in love. Maybe the depression could be somewhat ameliorated with an increase in exercise. The scenarios where the physical will affect the emotional or the mental/emotional state will have a reflection in the physical are endless.

Individual: The recognition of the individual is central to the homeopathic process. The way one person experiences migraine most likely will be different to way another experience that same illness name, migraine. In actual fact we like to get away from names of illnesses. Yes we want to know what it is that is bothering you but the homeopath want to know the detail. Its all about how it is for you. How do you feel? What is that pain like? Where is it exactly. The first consultation is usually between one hour and 90 minutes. There is a lot to talk about. We want to know how you are.

Stresses: These can be anything from an infection, imbalanced hormones, physical trauma, abuse, addiction, toxicity, financial difficulties, and relationship difficulties. The endless list of stresses on the human in this world goes on and on. That’s life as we know it. Its how we react and compensate for them in life that at times can take us off balance. It’s the imbalance the homeopath treats. We can nt take the bully or the accident out of your past. We can rebalance the system so the affect of that bully or accident is gone.

‘The premise behind homeopathy is that symptoms of illness are not just something “wrong” with the person but are actually efforts of their bodymind to fight infection and/or to adapt to stress.’ Dana Ullman, Huffington Post

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