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Homeopathic Survey Results

In January of this year it struck me that it would be of huge benefit if I knew more about what my clients actually wanted and how they considered their homeopathic treatment. We make an assessment as to what the remedy does for them but we never ask them how they feel about homeopathy as a consumer. So I started to put together a survey and kindly asked 100 of my current clients (selected at random) if they would complete the survey. I had about a 60% response rate. This, I am told is quite good for any survey, although personally I was disappointed. The information that I gathered from the survey was very interesting. It will definitely contribute greatly to my work and has given me numerous ideas for what I can do in the future.

It strikes me that the information of the value of homeopathy is simply not out there!!! (ref last result from survey)


100 surveys sent out to 80 females and 20 males

18 males replied

43 females replied



How did you find the consultation(s)

100% Relevant to your condition



Only one person explained that they did not know why they had to bang the bottle.


Would you recommend homeopathy to a friend?


100% Yes





The Arnica Effect

the arnica effect is it the homeopathic effect